September 6, 2021

Humor in Group Therapy : Using it Efficiently

Studies have found out that laughing for about 10-15 minutes per day can help burn out about 40 calories which is a good enough to lose about 4 pounds in a year.

Humor in Group Therapy : Using it Efficiently

Humor is important in all aspects of life and it works wonderfully well in breaking the ice in group therapy sessions. When everyone laughs together people become more comfortable cracking a joke and interacting well with each other. There are various different theories that talk about the health benefits of humor. Humor needs to be in a manner that the group can relate to and enjoy together. It should not be making a funning joke which might offend someone in the group.

Interesting Facts about Humor (Laughter):

There are certain facts about Humor Therapy in general. It has been researched that a child laughs more than 300 times in a day, while the grownups laugh 15 times in a day. We hardly listen to the roaring sounds of laughter which is highly contagious. It has also been said that "Laughter is the best medicine" as it allows all your internal emotions to be replaced with happy outer emotion which is 'Laughter'. It immediately calms down nerves and fosters relaxation. Laughter has been known to boost the immune system.

Laughter also increases the functioning of the brain. Laughter kills tumors and viruses and also increases the production of Gamma cells, T-cells and B-cells which generates antibodies to fight diseases. All this is achieved because laughter enhances the circulation of oxygen in the body, rejuvenates all the cells, imparts new life and increases healing. When one laughs, all mind, body and spirit rejuvenate.

Studies have found out that laughing for about 10-15 minutes per day can help burn out about 40 calories which is a good enough to lose about 4 pounds in a year.

A study was carried out on a set of 65 students to gauge the effect of laughter therapy on stress and anxiety. It was observed that laughter therapy reduced anxiety by 7.5% and stress by 7.4%.

Set Configuration:
65 Students
24.5% Male
Mean Age: 22.05 ± 1.29

Statistical Analysis:
reduced anxiety [t = 7.509, p <0.001]
reduced stress =[t=7.422, p <0.001]

As a part of group therapy, it's important to impart healing to the candidates who have reached out for therapy. Humor is one of the ways which will help them relaxed and it very important for the practitioner to have a good sense of humor and also create an environment which is more healthy and relaxed.

Benefits of Humor:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Brings people together
  • Develops eye contact
  • Increases bonding
  • Develops courage to fight hardships together
  • Also, laughing at one self is a healthy way of self acceptance

Advantages of Humor in Group Therapy:

  • Increases therapeutic alliance
  • Participants feel good about themselves
  • Makes participants comfortable so they can share their feeling and problems
  • Helps to deal with difficult situations
  • Develops chemistry

As a therapist all one needs to take care of is about the sentiments of the participants in the group. A few concerns one needs to be careful as the provider of group therapy are as under:

  • It can be hurtful at times
  • Some participants can be dominating
  • Laughing at others is not a good practice
  • Black humor creates unhealthy environment

While this is true, it's however important for the provider to follow certain ethics in the group therapy session for successfully driving it and helping people come out of their fears, self-doubts and embrace life with new zeal and vigor.

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