January 23, 2021

Group Thera Launches Desktop App for Online Webinar for Healthcare Professionals

Group Thera Launches Desktop App for Online Webinar for Healthcare Professionals

Group Thera allows you to easily host online group therapy & counseling sessions. You can create secure video sessions for groups or individuals using our easy-to-use web-based technology. While Group Thera always had the web version of the application for you to schedule, plan and deliver online webinars to your participants, now they also came up with the Desktop App with additional features to make it more comfortable for you to conduct online webinars with ease from the comfort of your home or office.

The additional features in Group Thera app is that it allows you to have a higher control over the participant’s behavior on screen. You can have an additional level of control to mute or unmute the participants, also have an added level of control over video visibility and more.

There are lot of features for the participants as well as they can now share their screen, send messages, can toogle their own audio and video and can also toggle cameras as required during the course of communication.

Here are few simple and easy steps to use Group Thera Desktop App

Screen 1: This is how you will login to the Group Thera App

You need to login with the Meeting ID provided to you along with your Name and the password

Screen 2: The logged in version of the app allows you to share screen, send message, view participants, mute audio or video and end call. You also have the added flexibility for changing the microphone and the camera.

Screen 3: You can communicate with the participants with inbuilt chat in the app. You can share messages of files from this chat feature.

Screen 4: This screen allows you to communicate with the host and the co-host.  This also allows the host and the co-host to mute and unmute the participants.

This is all about the amazing features of the Group Thera App and you can also benefit from the same.

You can go ahead and download the Group Thera app herewith:


In case if you wish to join any of the group therapy sessions, or in case if you are a provider and wish to organize a group therapy session, you can visit https://grouptherapy.com. You can also reach out to us at +1 617-775-3429 or email at [email protected]