August 29, 2021

Healing with Group Therapy

Group therapy also encourages interpersonal learning as people talk about similar life states and their relationships in group.

Healing with Group Therapy

Group therapy has been in practice for many years together now. It's almost there since 1960s. It is a great therapeutic therapy besides individual therapy.

This therapy is used more often in the hospitals and theapeutic centers for private practices. Most of the group therapy centers are run by community centers rather than private practitioners. It's easier for community centers to organize group therapy as they are in touch with many people and are equipped with the infrastructure needed for conducting group thera sessions.

However, with the advent of online group therapy practice lot of private practitioners have also penetrated in the space and offering healing with group therapy sessions.

Group therapy is an amazing healing therapy where participants get a chance to share their feelings and life states with the peer group members and demand for an emotional support.

Statistics reveal Group therapy saves cost by 37.5% as compared to individual therapy. Also it has been observed that people who took group therapy are doing better than 78% to 82% as compared to people who didn't opt for the treatment.

It also provides a platform to learn from peers by sharing group experiences. Members learn from each other and help pull others out from anxiety, stress, depression and other emotional baggage one carries along with oneself. It also provides a great opportunity to discover things about oneself which one is not aware about. Others might share some amazing feedback which may allow one to introspect and think things from a different perspective.

Honest input from other people might help improve oneself and also seek therapy to release the emotional blocks. Generally its a human tendency that if there is one feedback from a friend, one doesn't take it seriously, but when the same feedback is provided by a group of people it becomes difficult to ignore. One needs to break through the individual defense patterns and allow oneself to seek therapy and allow a great therapeutic change.

Group therapy also encourages interpersonal learning as people talk about similar life states and their relationships in group. This creates a warm and welcoming environment when one gets the feeling that he/she is not alone or has similar issues, there are many others sailing in the same boat. And when one of the person in the group shares a victory of how he came out from the stressful times and came out as a winner, it gives great hope to the group and encourage them and also provide a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. Peer motivation is a great source of encouragement and interpersonal learning.

The group therapy provider follows certain protocol in order to make everyone comfortable and set boundaries so that people behave ethically while interacting in group therapy sessions. A conducive environment is important to the success of group therapy as people open up the underlying feelings and experiences.

Also, group therapy is highly affordable option as the rates are much cheaper than individual consulting. Also, it gives and opportunity to take more number of group therapy sessions in the same budget of individual consulting.

Healing powers of group therapy are amazing. If you have never taken one, you can check out for upcoming group therapy sessions. Also, if you are a provider, you can use the platform to consult online webinars for group therapy.