October 6, 2021

Marketing Webinars to Help Grow Your Practice - Group Thera

Group Thera is a very important software platform which helps people communicate their emotional problems and seek assistance for the same.

Marketing Webinars to Help Grow Your Practice - Group Thera

Group Thera is a very important software platform which helps people communicate their emotional problems and seek assistance for the same. Providers have also realized it is one of the best mode of helping people out and along with them providing the individual therapy, there is an added advantage of the group which brings out great results in the patients. Therapists have moved to online mode of consulting which has become a blessing in disguise in these unprecedented times. Researches have specified that about 42% of Americans are seeing an online counselor in these times. Mental health is an important concern in USA but the mental health stigma is fading and patients are becoming more open to share their concerns and seek solutions.

There are many startups getting into telehealth space. Also, big organizations are willing to take over small organizations and health centers are providing group therapy. Online group therapy acumen becomes important in this case as it is one of the most important tool for consulting online webinars. Group therapy is cheaper as compared to other mode of consulting and online group therapy sessions are even cheaper as compared to the rest. All providers need is to equip themselves with the technology of conducting webinars online. Group Thera has simplified it. While you use group therapy online webinar software, the activity of conducting online webinars is just plug and play. You need to be confident enough in taking the session online and make sure that you address the concerns of all participants.

Online group therapy offers an opportunity to the therapists to reach out to more people thereby getting more clients for the business and helping them with the group therapy sessions. All what therapists need to do with online webinars is to make sure some rules are in place and everyone adheres by the same. This is to make sure everyone's privacy is respected as participants in group therapy sessions would share considerable information about themselves, their lives and personal experiences. It's challenging to master the balance as a therapist in the group therapy sessions.

Here are a few important challenges which should be taken into consideration for Group Therapy Sessions.

For some groups, it would be difficult to find a common ground inspite of the same topic.

Members may not be committed to the online sessions and might drop out.

It's difficult to analyze the body language in online group sessions

All participants might not be equipped with online group therapy tools and need to learn in order to seek help.

Privacy needs to be kept intact.

According to HIPAA it is the therapists that need to consider how to protect patient safety.

How to develop the right strategy for Group Therapy Sessions?

  • Treat issues online which are one’s strength. Prefer not to begin anything new online.
  • Structured groups having similar problems such as Anger Management groups have similar problems.
  • Make sure all participants get due attention and time in group counselling session
  • Set clear goals for the participants.
  • Outline the content of the session in advance
  • Stick to privacy protocols required by HIPAA
  • Use a secure platform like Group Thera.

Group therapy is important as it provides consulting to participants undergoing variety of problems. Generally group therapy sessions are conduction on specific topic viz. Group Therapy Session to Combat Stress, wherein all participants undergoing stress can participate despite of the reasons causing stress would vary from individual to individual. It's highly recommended to form group of people with similar health conditions so that the recommendations would benefit all the participants. Also, it gives the feeling and a sense of comfort that one is not alone combating stress or there are many around who are sailing in the same boat and together everyone will come out as a winner.

Group Therapy platform like Group Thera works like a catalyst to equip the providers take their group therapy sessions online. Group Thera offers all tools required to conduct the online webinar, like scheduling the session, video live webinar, chat, interactive session with participants via video conference, sharing the information via screenshare, recording the session for future use and more.

In case if you with to explore more features of Group Thera, you may visit www.groupthera.com